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July 12, 2018


It's rush hour in Venice.

Rush hour

I am learning how to blend in with the locals.



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Antonio Prohías' Black Spy lives on.

Just your luck to be there during the midst of hurricane season.

"Flush hour" would be apropos.

Don't drink or fall into Venice canal waters.

I never realized how much the statue of King David looked like the Black Spy.

Wanderer -- LOL - I immediately thought of Spy vs. Spy.

Travel by canal is expensive — there gone da lira...

I have to wonder if Zitaly is still using plague doctors? They dressed like that during the Black Plague and stuffed the beak full of herbs to hopefully not become infected themselves. Maybe they still make house calls?

As I learned in Elementary School ...

That's a Roman nose. It's roamin' all over hs face.

We can still see your legs though, Dave.

Where’s the weightlifting?

Looks to me like that "fellow" next to you, Dave, has his autograph book out! Maybe you can charge him 500
lira ($102 more or less) and feast out at the local Pizza Hut!

Hey Dave, how do you get that rumpled, wrinkled look? Is that a tatoo?

Very picturesque... So why was everyone all so excited when New Orleans flooded ?

Watch out for those float-by shootings in Venice, Dave.

Cute pictures Dave.

Thank goodness you wore a Blue shirt, or we'd be hard pressed to tell which one is Dave!

I for one will be Zhappy when Dave gets back from Zitaly so He can resume regular posting of important news worthy stories of the day. Until then I am spending time watching videos like this one of a man trying to figure out how such a simple thing as playing a guitar went so terribly wrong. It's not funny at all.

Be careful. I got laughed at by a young lady for taking video of a pizza.

Ha, I have one of those masks right here in front of me, possibly from that very shop.

Day 12 of the Blog being in Zitaly
Still no sign of promised kilts.
just sayin'

Here you go MOTW.

Uh, Dave, you've got the pose but where is the book?

If that is a plague doctor Dave is standing next to that isn't an autograph book he's holding out, but a bill for services rendered. I hope for Dave's sake they have universal health care in Zitaly. That bill looks pretty thick.

Venice is so cacciatore.

Thank you, NC.
That must've been one almighty traffic jam, Dave.

Traffic Jam? Is that like the one in the movie FAME where the kids danced on cars?

I hope nobody rowed you over, Dave. You might get wet or worse!

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