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July 07, 2018


This historic plaque commemorates the discovery by ancient Romans of the Internet.


This is the actual historic bikini that inspired the ancient Latin song "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini."


Here is a monument to a famous military leader.


One of the most useful Italian phrases for the traveler to learn is "Zona sdrucciolevole." We say it literally all the time.




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Are you spotting a lot of pigeons speaking English over there? I like the Bikini Itsy Bitsy. Lot Yes.

Hopefully the accent quickly fades away when you get back to FL. You may be beaten for saying sdrucciolevole. Assuming you can say sdrucciolevole.

I've seen several ancient pictures of Pliny The Elder wearing that exact same bikini. In fact that's why you seldom see pictures of him with Pliny The Younger.
Wouldn't it be easier for the Zitalians to just write "Oopsa!" with a picture of a little stick figure falling down?

Wi-Fi signs at historic sites has to be an eye-roller. Mrs. wanderer and I went through Lancaster PA several years ago, and there was something about all these traditional Amish businesses having "Like us on Facebook!" signs out front that I couldn't get out of town fast enough.

I imagine that if you can pronounce "sdrucciolevole," you're already prone to falling down a lot.

Not so itsy bitsy or teeny weeny, if you ask me. NTTAWWT, of course.

Much, much worse signage in the Mohegan Sun Casino here in Connecticut, but at least it gives you plenty of warning and time to evacuate the area and, if necessary, all of New England: Manilow is Coming.

I see the artifact that inspired the Edictum praetoris "My Boy Lollipop" is also on display.

The trash bins next to Zitalian KFCs aren't General Waste —
They'd be Colonel Refuse...

My local authority on Zitaly claims sdrucciolevole is a salad oil commonly served on kale.

Julius Ceasar was killed because he turned of WiFi in the Senate.

Cute especially the bikini.(ha)

There were Romans in Zitaly?? Who knew?

Is the slippery zone the beach where all the oiled up Zitalians show off in their Speedos?

But where is the tribute to the famous gossip columnist, Zona Barrett?

The Romans may have invented the Internet, but about three years ago, they sold out to a company that sounds like "Needum Communication", and very little has worked right, since. I have to pay *extra* for what they tell me is "high speed DSL", which measures in at a whopping 6.2 mb/second. The Needum help-less desk folks all say that this is the fastest speed they can provide. I say they need to feed their hamsters a bit more, so they can spin their little wheels faster.

Geezer bus passes to anyone who remembers"Hamster brain!"

Do the locals look at you funny when you're taking these photos?

This is hogwash, everyone knows that the great once vice president and Nobel prize winning, global warming guru Al Gore invented the internet.

"You watcha you step or you falla donna" works for me.

-- Skeetino Buttsarelli

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