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July 11, 2018


We saw a terrific show by Men In Wigs.


The opening act was Four Guys and a Parrot.



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I'd like to return this parrot.....

You just inspired the 2030 Jimmy Buffet tour...

Isn't that Weird Al, third from the left in the first picture?

I love Four Guys and a Parrot!

They both could use more cowbell.

You really put the art in f'art.

I admire these guys going acoustic and not electric.

(The statue in the back has boobs! Huh..huh..huh.huh!)

The statue in the background is a b!tch, Burt.

The four guys: Culture Club on "Talk like a pirate" day
(EU edition)?

Just curious. They do make some good muzak, right?

The early years of Queen? If you look closely, you can see Freddie Mercury's "peach fuzz."

John, Paul, George and Cleavon Little.

*snork* at the Farrokh Bulsara reference.

I believe the second painting is called, "Pining for the Fjords." to commemorate the sad demise of the Norwegian parrot being propped up for inspiration.

Actually I think the first one is a picture of the early years of The Rock Bottom Remainders. I have a shower curtain that looks just like the second picture.

Don't they have any paintings of dogs playing poker?

They're dudes?

Renaissance Rave. da Vinci was a mosh type of guy.

It must be hard to teach a parrot to get the lyrics right on cue.

I heard that Men in Wigs would trash their hotel suite if they didn't get brown bon-bons

In the second picture, the one in the blue dress holding the music book is probably a girl. Or a eunuch boy soprano. The bas-relief Caesar head sniffs in disapproval of this trashy modern music.

I think they are all girls. Where I live they would all get their butt's kicked, walking around the streets in those get ups.

Rossini Rocks

Is this the new look for the Rock Bottom Remainders?

Roll over, Beethoven.

Does anyone know who painted those pictures? I mean, of course, I know but I'm just curious if anyone else knows too.
Actually, I don't know and it's driving me crazy.

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