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July 29, 2018


One of the villages, Etwe nim Nyansa - which translates from Ashanti Twi language to English as ‘Vagina is Wise’ - set the fuse for amusement and MPs could not contain themselves when the place names Kote ye Aboa (Penis is a fool) and Shua ye Morbor (Testicles are sad) were also called out.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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"Testicles Are Sad" was probably named by one of the 4 in 10 men after sex.

6 out of 10 men who live in that country prefer to live in the town of "Penis is Happy."

That's been my philosophy for years: "Vagina is Wise."

And in related news, town elders have given the BBC reporter a nickname: Kote Morbor Hap ("sad penis head")....

These places apparently generate their own electricity.

The words fool, sad and wise are especially commodious when used to describe a Penis, testicles and vagina. A first for me. Using the word commodious. And in a sentence along with Penis, testicles and vagina.

5*Snork@ manual tomato for bifurcating, obfuscating and generally worrying the English Language in a humorous manner that would do Mark Twain proud.

I wouldn't touch those potential rock bank names with a Trojan-encased ten foot pole.

I meant rock band. I'll overdrawn at the rock bank.


I'll try: "When cleansing the penis, testicles, or vagina, the commodious the best place to find soap."

Key reply-to-comment:

more Chines, everyone needs more Chines

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