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July 24, 2018


Tour de France riders inadvertently tear-gassed as race temporarily halted

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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The French clearly are on ultra-high alert!

Zut-Alors !

The French are getting tough. Usually they would just fart in the general direction of the problem.

Pepe LA Pew! Mon Dieu!

Allen at Division
But have the surrendered yet?

Tour de Chicago is taking notes

That takes balls.

Aside from the guy flipping off into that gully over the stone wall from the cobblestone road...the most excitement of the whole race. I can understand, I've wanted to set up hay bale barricades in front of the Saturday spandex bicycle hoards.

This is exactly why I never participate in the Tour de France.

Zey ask me how I kneu
My treu leuve wass treu...
Ze smoke, she gets in your eyez!

I think the Tour of Paris, Kentucky would be a GREAT alternative!

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