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July 02, 2018



Doesn't everything?

(Thanks to everyone who never ate one)

Update, thanks to everyone else:
They're number two!


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Iguana sausage pizza would be interesting.
No pineapple

He says iguanas were able flourish while biologists were busy studying environmental impacts of pythons and feral pigs.

Hatin' on biologists now, are we?

Somehow I think my Jr. High School cafeteria discovered these creatures years ago.

@ Not My Usual Alias--Iguana sausage pizza (without pineapple) sounds really good. The problem is here in New Mexico we're short of trees and plumb out of iguanas. Do you think we could substitute rattlesnake for iguana?

"Iguana is a staple in the Caribbean, where the reptiles are a native species and are known as “pollo de los árboles,” or chicken of the trees."

I feel so break up, iguana go home.

it's not that iguana tastes like chicken... it's chicken that tastes like iguana!

Still some green, you better give it a couple more days to ripen before you pick it.

GEICO gecko on steroids.

And in other news about lizard gastronomy....

Perhaps we can send them our squirrels?

Clankie--I think you may be on to something...

So many of my classmates would sit at the lunch tables, took a bite of the day's entree' and immediately snapped their heads back repeatedly...it all makes sense now...

I'm ready for my close-up Mr. De Mille?
If I want something that tastes like chicken I'll just go get a bucket at KFC.

🎶 Wish I was in Tijiana
Eating bar-b-qued iguana!🎶

Le Pet —
Rattlesnake IS low-fat... go for it!

Funny you should say that about iguanas. Down in New Zealand the Maori say the same thing about Methodist missionaries.

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