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July 31, 2018


Man puts out Southend Pier fire by peeing on it

(Thanks to Jim Perth and Jay Brandes)


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If this guy hadn't been drinking beer, that pier would have burned. Is there anything beer can't do?

I thought this was the plot in the movie BACKDRAFT ?

He's the Southend Pier Pee-er.

The Brits have such a way of wording things:

A Southend Borough Council spokesman said: "Whilst we have faith our sprinkler system would have soon sprung into action, we understand the visitor deployed his own sprinkler system to swiftly extinguish the miniature inferno."

He said the family could come back and visit the pier for free, but added: "[We] kindly ask that he keeps his trousers firmly secured on this occasion."

He thought he spotted a jellyfish.

Excuse me while I whip this out. Our hero.

Usually that activity and a burning sensation is a time when antibiotics are involved

I understand it caused a bit of commotion when Gulliver did that.

nursecindy beat me to it.

They didn't mention his previous job as Tink(l)y Wink the Teletubby.

Picking up where nursecindy left off:

That guy deserves a laurel and hearty handshake.

Call 1-800-bladder.

Give that man a job er, a towel and some Charmin...

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