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July 10, 2018


Police call it a botched case of “rattlesnake revenge.”

(Thanks to Mezrap)


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Curled up "on the driver's side of his home"

Gosh, I wish my home had a driver's side

He removed the rattle with his own teeth? Blech! This man gives morons a bad name.

Here in New Mexico we have the decency to grill our rattlesnakes before biting into one.

I guess he was just trying to shake things up with the rattler. Heh.

I saw Weaponized Rattlesnake open for (Who else?) Whitesnake on their last tour.

Dad-O-Lot, didn’t Steven Wright talk about something like that back in the day?

Yeah, not too high.

"Removed its rattle with his own teeth." Well, what did they expect him to use, a melon baller?

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