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July 27, 2018



Screenshot, assuming it will be corrected:

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 3.06.38 PM



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And it made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.

Twice the speed of light? Sign me up!

"Warp two is all she's got! I canno' give ye more, Cap'n!"

Don’t leave a parabolic dish in the back seat

It's the flux capacitor that makes this possible.

A look back to Woodstock when the Space Plane appeared to take Joan Baez away to a sound-proof staging area located light years away from the venue.

How do we KNOW it's a Virgin?

If she moves that fast, someone could have....
thrust those engines?

I hear she comes around fast....

Twice the speed of Light? not possible...however after clicking on the link it says twice the speed of sound. Judy I think you need to fire Dave.

okay so after re-reading the post...it looks to me that newsweek fixed the heading to read speed of sound. so...I think I need to be fired.

The ghost of Albert Einstein is laughing itself silly.

Man, I had to read that 10 times before the penny dropped. I need this day to be over.

Bud Light...?

Alright Einstein, answer the following two questions and show your work:

Will the light speed time be cancelled out by the delay time on the tarmac?

Will luggage be lost at light speed?

"I canna change the laws of physics, Captain ... wait, maybe if I ... hand me that wrench ... "

But speed of darkness is infinite.

"You think that is fast, here, hold my beer...."

Virgin Galactic loses engineer in odd mishap


For a second I thought they achieved LUDICROUS SPEED!

Spaceballs: The Virgin Airliner.

I’m holding off on buying a ticket until it can do at least three times the speed of sound!

No problem. Since they are traveling faster than the speed of light, that is back in time, they can fix the headline thereby proving time travel is possible.

Uh, twice the speed of light? Uh no....
He must be sounds MACH 2.

Didn't they have a scene like this on THE ORVILLE?

11 parsecs and the space police will pull you over....

That's faster than the President can change his mind about Russia!

Ron G, the same. I kept looking for a grammatical error. *coffee*

Breaking the Light Barrier would be News! Unfortunately, the
Congress will not approve anything that changes the speed laws or penalties.

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