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July 27, 2018


Science Teacher Leaves Parabolic Mirror In Car, Melts Interior

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says "The science is settled.")


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One of our local news people said you shouldn't leave a bottle of water in your car. It can act like a prism and set your car upholstery on fire. The good news is it's still safe to leave beer in the car.

Farmers Insurance would scratch their collective heads on this one.

Yet another example of man-made Automotive Warming. Or would that be "Interior Change"?

He must be the COOLEST science teacher ever! I know I learned a few things.

Book smarts - common sense = melted car interior.

"I just bought a convex mirror."
"Why did you buy a mirror from a convict?"

"This car is so hot it melted"--how he might explain it to his insurance company! Don't worry I hear they will file a lawsuit against the sun...

"Which ever one of you left the Vasectomy Center discount coupon on my desk, that was not funny."

A shining example of a Darwin Awards contender.

Mister Sun is not your friend...

"Ask Dr. Science! He knows more than you do!"

Next week's episode: Mr. Kossover leaves a bunsen burner in his car.

For his next class, Teacher Kossover will demonstrate how to use plutonium.

Mr. Kossover has learned the hard way that

the proximity of two bolic mirrors is dangerous.

If he had used agoraphobic mirrors they would never have gotten into the car.

I cleaned my 10" telescope's mirror once, and after taking it out to the porch to see the results in the sunlight, I smelled a wood smoke smell. Turned out, the porch roof was at the right focal length to get burned by the sunlight. Lesson learned...

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