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July 03, 2018


Happy birthday to The Blog from the world's best copyeditor, and everybody else.


Have a beer for each of us. 🍻


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Happy umpty-umpth birthday, Dave! Many more.

Happy Birthday, Dave!

0Happy Birthday, Dave and thank you for all the decades of laughter keeping the gloom from our doors.

Good job, judi. You will not be fired today, at least not before lunch.

Happy Birthday, Dave!

judi, great job sucking up sharing birthday wishes.

Buon compleanno! Tanti auguri! Provolone!

Happy Birthday Dave! As you can see, your peasants are rejoicing.

Happy Birthday Dave!

Happy Birthday, Dave. Remember: you're not just getting older; you're also slowly decaying!

Happy Birthday! We're old, but they don't make them like they used to. We just need more lubrication. Salute!

Happy Birthday Dave! To quote a famous author, "You can only be young once. But you can always be immature."

Keep up the good work!

Happy Birthday, Dave.

And thanks to judi for giving us something to post on.

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Happy Birthday, Dave!

It has been a pleasure for me for me reading
A great and amazing blog

Happy Birthday to a national world-wide treasure!

Suppositories when needed...

Laughter was, is, and always shall be — the best medicine.
Thank you for being our medical supplier!

Dave, wishing you a HEP, happy ending birthday. Word is, Lucy although a little frustrated, is doing fine and can't wait until you get back and correct all the open to doubt obedience related 'stuff' you wrote about her.

For all of you who think just because you're older you're closer to death remember this. No matter how old you are you can always be hit by a bus or run into a demented E.R. nurse. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Feliz cumpleanos, Dave. I would have have written it in Zitalian, but I can only make a fool out of myself in English or Spanish. But DO have a great day!

Many happy returns, Dave!

And now... blow out the candles on the birthday spaghetti.

Next year, Dave, you should write a book about aging gracefully. Why not call it "Dave Barry Turns X"? That would sell!

Happy Birthday, from the Correct Coast!

Didn't you just have a birthday like a year ago?
Keep up the good work!
OBTW, Happy B day!

I'm late here today. Sorry to have missed the festivities, and the iguana pizza. Many happy returns, Dave. And please do return to us. Best regards as you continue to age. We're right there with you, looking a little more like iguanas by the day.

Happy Birthday, Dave.

Judi, Fire yourself!

Happy Birthday Dave and may you have many more to come.

It's easy to remember your birthday, my sis-in-law was born on the very same day as you. Happy Birthday to you both!

In the immortal words of The Beatles (they were a rock band), YOU SAY IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!

You're not getting older>
You're um . . .er . . .aging.

Happy Belated Birthday, Dave!

I was out of town and in cognito, whatever that means.
And I had no internet and no fireworks.

It was wonderful!

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