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July 12, 2018


More than you want to know.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Wonderful to know that it gets its green color from the fact that the immune cells died while fighting the infection that you have.

Whenever a kid would ask me that I'd tell them it meant their insides were rotting away. If they mothers didn't pull them away fast enough I'd tell them that millions of little GI Joes were dying inside of them too. The looks on their little faces were priceless.


Green snot contains millions of tiny little GI Joe coats?
Thanks for the visual, nursecindy....

I always told kids a brief history of how earwigs can lay eggs in their brain and explain the only way they can know if they have an earwig is when green brain juice starts leaking out their nose. Like NC I thought the looks on their little faces were priceless.

So what explains why freeze dried eggs are yellow ?

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