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July 30, 2018


Feud between NC neighbors escalates with huge fence of used tires from landfill

(Thanks to Al Barkafski)


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nursecindy - anyone you know?

Just reading about this childishness makes me...tired.

Stay off nursecindy's lawn, if you value your gonads.

Should we be concerned that both families counted the tires and their numbers aren't anywhere near close?

Eventually, feuds between neighbors can become tiresome.

I'm tired

pogo, I was worried at first because I have a lot of family in Marion, NC. Fortunately I'm not related to these people.
She got this idea off Pintrest? Maybe she should spray paint them white and add a little glitter.

*gasp* That fence is just.... breathtaking. Especially after it catches on fire.

BTW, is there anyone else wondering how, when this person decided to build a tire fence, she just happened to have 200-ish used auto tires right on hand?

A dozen or so LED light strings and a couple of Bluetooth speakers will complete the artistic ensemble.

pad, my thought was of a premium mosquito breeding ground as rain water collects in the tires.

I dunno. I live in a small subdivision where everyone waves at each other as we drive in or out. I know my neighbors by name.

MOTW, my first thought was what a great place for snakes to hide in!

Investigative Discovery has a whole series based on this kind of thing. No happy endings.

NC - painted white and planted petunias in them like they did in the old toilet when they put in a new one.

A lot of wasted artistic depth there?

Weaponized tires in civilian hands.

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