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July 24, 2018


Naked man arrested at Planet Fitness said he thought it was a "judgement free zone"

(Thanks to Deb Ross, elseabs, Todd Lawson, Roberto and Fabian Marson)


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Downward, dog!

But please wipe down the seat when you're through.

I hope that's the last time he tries to pull that one.

We're gonna need a lot more sani-wipes. A couple of cans of Lysol won't hurt either.

As soon as Eric got undressed inside the Planet Fitness and proceeded to exercise naked Eric lost his judgement, entered a judgement free zone.

Little attention was gained when He showed up at the judgement free zone ice cream store next door.

At least I don't see evidence of the "point and laugh" judgement variety.

Please don't tell him about No Pants Subway Ride Day.

To be fair, just walking into a Planet Fitness requires a certain lack of judgement.

Maybe it was Bill O'Reilly's "No spin zone"?

So I guess laughing and pointing is judgmental.

Somehow I just don't think 'Ol Eric would have understood the laughing and pointing bit.

Instead of the "Phantom Zone", Superman has sent really dumb villians to the "Judgement Free Zone".

Not a judgement free Planet, an assteroid belt.

Judgment is always free here in the comments section.

Nekkid man was working out, doo dah, doo dah

"Yes sir, we do not judge. That's Judge Leroy's job, and he happens to hate nudity!"

-things one might say that won't necessarily make the perp feel better...

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