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July 29, 2018


Ballet to cure the Mexico City traffic blues

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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If they tried this in Charlotte on I-77 or Brookshire Freeway, two out of three ballerinas wouldn't make it past their first plie. I also doubt many drivers would notice them. They're too busy running into each other.

Way cool! The music should be "Sonata for Car Horn and Orchestra."

The first performance will be followed by "Parade of the Ambulances."

Dance Around the Diesels WBAGNFARB. But unhealthy in practice.

And the ballerinas will wash your windshield for an extra fee.

The drivers in Kansas City would never notice them. They rarely look up from their cell phones. It could be another activity in their lap, but I’m being nice and assuming it’s texting.

In Miami the dancers would perform selections from the

classics "Traffic Jam" and "Road Rage."

Exactly, Nurse Cindy. And on Rt. 22 in NJ. There would be blood everywhere.

Le Petomane

In New Orleans, a second line wearing beads and bearing umbrellas would form behind the ballerinas on the assumption that someone's funeral was about to start. Upon learning otherwise, one or more of the revelers would produce firearms and supply the deceased.

New this season on Telemundo Sports: "Bowling for Ballerinas".

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