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July 25, 2018


California DMV worker slept thousands of hours on the job, state report finds

(Thanks to MOTW)


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Even a sleeping clock (broken clock) is right twice a day, and twice IS good 'nuff for government work, I hear....

CA DMV always strives to make your visit a pleasant experience while our employees catch up on some ZZZ's. Please take a number.

I hope this employee wasn't out giving driving tests.

The story of the California DMV clerk who, after several weeks, was determined to be dead when he failed to go on vacation never made the news.

"If she moved any faster, she'd have a pulse"

"DMV rules-mandatory maximum work periods of 15 minutes between breaks"

"You know, it's all the pressures. Someone might actually thank her!"

Heard in the waiting lines....

Pull quote:

"The employee's doctor told the DMV she was unable to perform the duties associated with her job. Subsequently, the employee obtained a physician's release saying she was able to perform her job's duties, the report says."

Apparently the physician's release was


They caught her sleeping when they went to her cube to give her the "Most Productive DMV Employee of the Month" award.

I've been in California DMV lines. How did they tell she was asleep? Did she snore louder than the others?

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