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July 24, 2018


Iowa DT Brady Reiff Arrested After Mistaking Police Car for Uber While Drunk

(Thanks to Steve K)


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Is there a (hic) problem, officers?

... Reiff will be suspended for the team's season opener against Northern Illinois

OK, I love Northern Illinois University. My youngest starts college there in a few weeks. An Iowa player being suspended for a game against the Huskies ("Hey, we haven't heard of your school either") is pretty much a way of keeping the young man from padding his statistics.

I give him credit for at least trying to find an Uber.

Will they play Vomit Fraud?

Inquiring drunks want to know....

(the Police should charge if the drunks do this!)

My thought exactly, Rudolph.

What's all this I keep hearing about Iowa having delerium tremens on its football team?

-- Emily Litella

"Well, OK, but can you still give me a ride?"

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