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July 31, 2018


New Jersey May Declare an Official State Microbe

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says "I thought it would have been E. coli.")


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If the Passaic River doesn't at least a mention, there's going to be trouble.

When will the New Jersey official sub atomic particle come out ?

I thought for sure it would have been Snooki.


Whichever microbe is chosen the winner in New Jersey, it will be because it ordered a hit on the competition.

I think I prefer Oregon's official microbe: Saccharomyces cerevisia, AKA "brewer's yeast."

Ebola is at the top of the list

Your Chris Christie joke here.

Syphilis is just so old fashioned, but always in fashion.

Years ago, a NH legislature committee was debating yet another bill to name an official state product. Various lobbyists would pull strings for their clients to get some PR. At the hearing, I suggested an amendment to name a former governor the Official State Fruitcake. The proposed amendment and the bill went nowhere.

Wow, everyone knows Streptomyces griseus is the most slutty microbe.

@ Le Pet - I agree and will name that candidate/mafia mobster:


I think the spyrochetes are the absolute cutest. https://www.amazon.com/Giant-Microbes-Disease-Borrelia-Burgdorferi/dp/B000NO9HK2

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