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July 28, 2018


Man enters Jacksonville store and chases people with live alligator


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Gator and sidekick where born to be the bouncers at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Kind of hard to conceal carry a gator.

I'm sure he had the safety on.

If the guy went into a deli, he would have a deli-gator

The police are looking for a snappy dresser

Alligators can grow up to 15 feet. Thankfully, most only grow four.

Thank you, I'll be here all weekend. Please tip your server well.

There is no good reason for these to be in civilian hands.

" there's a reason you don't see them walking around on leashes. "

Luggage has to be rolled or carried.

The only appropriate response, as you run from the store...could it be "see you later, alligator!"

Tricky to find a holster big enough for live alligators.

Sounds like a variation on the old punch line, "Well, before I bobbed his tail and painted him yellow he was an alligator."

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