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July 27, 2018


Police called out to answer reports of excessive farting from granddad’s house

(Thanks to Ralph)


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A spokeswoman from Herts Police said: ‘Words of advice have been given to both parties.’

Stop pulling his finger.

I have a feeling that's going to be Dave's technique too: blame it on Dylan.

The responding officers had been warned not to discharge their fire arms.

That's the last time he'll eat both Bubble & Squeak and Yorkshire Pudding at the same meal.

"Define excessive!"

@Gas Company: we were gonna say that!

Next time, we'll send the hazmat team.

I saw Farting Grandad open for Larry the Cable Guy.

People actually pay money for a machine that just sounds like a fart? Oh, the chicanery!

When farts are outlawed only outlaws will have farts.

Crop dusting is the granddad perogative. Where do you think that 'old man smell' comes from?

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