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July 25, 2018


2 men on motorcycle with stolen fish tank arrested

(Thanks to Gary Schroeder and Le Petomane)


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A few minutes later the cycle was found laid down behind Chef Peng on N. Main St..

I'd like to hear Chef Peng's version, while he cooks up something delicious!

Is there a problem, officer?

The NY Post article said one of the perps tried to blend in my using his hands to prune a bush

I guess they are going up the river.

The minute the cops saw them they knew something fishy was going on.

Never ride a motorcycle after getting tanked.

"Fish on the Run" was rejected by Wings as the title for Faul's vocal... precise;y for situations like this!

2 men on motorcycle with a stolen fish tank ride into a bar..

Dumb and Dumber: Tanked

Their theft of a tank
left them imprisoned in a tank (holding cell)...

in other words,
their plan stank!

These are some of the worst puns I've ever read. Well done !

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