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July 19, 2018


London erects 25-foot Jeff Goldblum statue to commemorate 'Jurassic Park's 25th anniversary

(Thanks to Gary Schroeder, Roberto, Peter Metrinko and Jeff Meyerson)


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OMGosh, I can't stop laughing!

My Gosh! He has nipples the size of pie tins! They spared no expense!

What the heck is going on in London, First the giant Trump Baby balloon and now this.

People are travelling from afar to see this erection.

So the morale is if you want to have a giant statue of yourself erected in London just don't get eaten by a dinosaur?

It would be more outrageous if the statue wore the cowboy costume from his role in Buckaroo Banzai!

That's NOT Jeff Goldblum! Anyone can tell it's Tom Jones!

I rest my case (per my
earlier comment

Was it created from the DNA of a mosquito stuck in amber?

He looks worried. Maybe it's going to rain.

Sorry, an editorial correction:

The statue is of Jeff Goldblum BUT it's

to commemorate the 38th anniversary of

Tenspeed and Brown Shoe.

I think my HOA would object.

It would make a great souvenir of your trip but it won't fit in the overhead bin on the plane.

The expression on his face looks more like someone put a rectal thermometer up him where it matters.

Two words: Pigeon target.

I needed you guys today. You always make me feel better and I love you all. I woke up this morning with my entire house flooded from a burst water heater. I had five morons people going through my entire house, including my dresser drawers trying to find the leak. I have no faucets or waterlines in my undies drawer or my jewelry box. After they'd been here for about six hours I kicked them out. All they were doing was going through my personal stuff and treating me like a very slow two year old. They did't know about my temper. I am a redhead afterall. When I get really mad I could make Trump, Putin, and that nut in North Korea cry. A lot. On hour seven, I kicked them all out because they had done NOTHING to fix my problem. I have more morons people coming out tomorrow morning. I have two inches of water in my floors and two ruined wall to wall carpets. They did nothing to dry anything out PLUS left my water on! I bought a tool and turned the water off at the meter. I knew my pressure valve had gone bad plus it ruined the valve on my hot water heater which is what caused it to burst. I could use a hug and some good thoughts. Their final estimate was.....$10,000. This doesn't include new floors or new drywall. I called my doctor and he sent me some happy pills so hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. Tonight, I just want to die. All of my stuff is ruined. Did I mention you guys made me laugh? Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the best. After my happy pill wears off I may feel differently but I don't think so.
Carry on with your normal conversation.

Also, way to go on the Jeff Goldblum statue! I like him.

Cindy, I can't believe the incompetence of these people. Let's hope the second person's assessment was right and it won't cost you so much in money or time or replacement items. As long as you and the animals are OK, things can always be replaced.

- NC-
I feel your pain. On Wednesday evening my kitchen was flooded, my upstairs neighbor left the water in his kitchen running causing water to overflow into my apartment. A maintenance person was on site in less than a half-hour. He cleaned up the spilled water, wet vacuumed the carpet. He then opened parts of the kitchen ceiling to allow the water to drain and placed a fan to blow air in to the ceiling to prevent mold.
This is the fourth water-adventure this year:
2- kitchen floods from above apartment.
1- water running down bathroom wall around towel bar (Towel bar mounted with screws into the soil (crap) pipe, original construction.)
1-fire sprinkler pipes burst due to excessive cold weather, damage to a dozen apartments.
All this was repaired by building management at no cost to me.
I consider myself very lucky,I have to ask; do you have homeowners insurance?
Sorry for you situation and GBY.

I'm sorry to hear this, NC. I hope you will get the strength to deal with this.

Nurse Cindy: Never hire the firm of Howard Fine & Howard to take care of your plumbing issues. They should only be employed as attoineys.

Ten Speed and Brown Shoe? I loved that show.

But why didn't this happen at the 25th anniversary?

Someone in Hollywood or Londonium needs to be fired!

NC--My prayers will include you!

Thanks everyone. I'm feeling better today.

Update: they are drying out nursecindy's bedroom now, so things are looking less bleak than yesterday.

/end update

NC - you need a break. I hear Canada is calm and quiet these days.

As long as you stay away from the moose. And, it goes without saying, the squirrels. And of course the beavers. And...

OK - maybe you are fine where you are.

NC, I feel your pain. Years ago, we had a burst cold water supply in the kitchen flood the whole house .. except for (thankfully) our bedrooms. Insurance called out a local water restoration crew. And, yes, it was over $10K for us.

Save your water bill and electricity bill statements - you can have that as part of your homeowner's claim. Because this is a 'disaster' and the water was flowing and you will spend more on electricity as the evaporators run and your A/C works overtime to remove moisture from the place.

Good for you, kicking the morons out. We're rooting for you.
->{{{ nursecindy }}}<-

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