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July 28, 2018


4 In 10 Men Have Experienced ‘Inexplicable Sadness’ After Sex

(Thanks to elseabs and Le Petomane)


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It's probably because their partners give them withering looks and say "Thanks for nothing" after it's over.

I think there’s a pill for that

But 6 out of 10 men report a glowing feeling of satisfaction after sex.

Maybe because they were all alone the whole time?

Males are just becoming too darned sensitive any more to have enjoyable consensual sex with someone they know

Coitus Rejectus Reflection opened for Ricky Nelson.

No, it's because there's (often) no beer, Jus' saying....

Somehow, that article reminded me of this one —

He: "Do you smoke after sex?"
She: "I don't know... I've never looked."

Expecting the payback.

My credit card was declined, so I had to pay cash.

After they removed the blindfold...?

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