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July 31, 2018


DUREX HAS ISSUED a recall of five batches of its condoms over concerns about the “burst pressure” of the products.

(Thanks to Greg Snow, who says "There goes my whole warm 'em up with weinerdog balloons routine.....")


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Has Sen. Cockburn been alerted ?

Magnum's not listed--I'm fine.

Does this mean we may have some new little blogits in the near future?

The manufacturer's name is Reckitt?

When dealing with condoms or vasectomies the last thing a man wants to hear is "oops!"

If there was a new "WHAT'S MY LINE" TV show, I'm sure a contestant's occupation would be "condom pressure tester". The panel would probably correctly guess it too.

It makes it more exciting, like Russian Roulette.

LeDud. I was channel surfing last night and discovered that there is a new version of "To Tell the Truth". It was news to me anyway. The panel seems to be made up of people with the similar resumes as the panel from the old days. I did recognize one of them though.

I'm looking for the TOOL that measures my individual burst power. Anyone with help please attach photo showing the TOOL in action..

Would this work for you Mike?
My plumber used one of these on my water pipes last week after my hot water heater burst and dumped 180 gallons of water in my house. I'm still not over it.

nursecindy, I'll need some kind of coupling.. Probably a female one.

WVPlant: Sounds good. My wife and I watched about 6 episodes of WHATS MY LINE the other night. It was a funny, classy show. I'll have her check for TO TELL THE TRUTH. (she's the av expert).

Exploding Condoms opened for The Stones.

Because dating these day is just too high pressure.

In 1968 it was just such an event that caused Johnson to withdraw.

nursecindy: Hot water heaters are normally equipped with a pressure relief valve on top. That is supposed to open before the tank actually bursts. While the relief valve has been required by code for decades, there is no requirement that it has to be connected to a drain, which can be a cheap way of preventing floods if there is access to an existing drain pipe or a way out of the house through the floor, etc. However, when a hot water heater is in a basement or closet with no good way for the water to escape. you get a mess. All it takes is a malfunctioning $8 thermostat.

The makers of Durex brands would like to remind customers the recall is for unused products and to please not mail any more used burst pressure recalled examples to our executive offices.


Ralph- some places require the valve to vent "someplace safe". I recently noticed a flower bed next to the house out back was steaming. Then I noticed the water dripping from the pipe connected to the "pop-off valve".

Rubber bubble, spoil and trouble

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