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July 10, 2018


The resemblance is uncanny.



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I'm not gonna touch this one.

So Dave - you're too overdressed to be an art buff

So THAT is who you are named after. It is so obvious now - should have noticed it years ago.

Now that you mention it, some of those Psalms are indeed pretty funny....

Nice package, Dave.

He ain't heavy; he's my brother.

I could have gone all week without the mental image that photo instantly created in my mind.

Thank you for not providing an exact comparison.

How do you think Sophie feels about that?

The fig leaf shortage continues.

Gotta be careful about risque photos finding their way onto the Internet... wait, never mind.

Being a guy of the male gender I don't want to touch either of them.

Leaving your clothes on leaves me more or less unclear on the concept.

The resemblance is...canny...??

Thank you for not providing an exact comparison.
Rudolph, speak for yourself.

Is that a gun in your pocket?

NC - I am, and for all the other heterosexual male blogee's. NTTAWW everything else.

And now we're all looking at your crotch. o_o

Cannot unsee.

Now — somebody photoshop the statue with Dave's haircut.

The ghost of Michelangelo is laughing himself silly.

AMAZING! With your busy schedule, WHEN did you have time to pose for that?

Except for the hair, I noticed you also look a lot like
Christopher Marlowe, who also looks alot like Will Shakespeare and this guy.

Which goes to my question: Are all you artistic types related?

Since Dave is busy in Zitaly I will do this for him:
*SMACKS* funny man.

Does your brain suggest that you really wanted to compare with this statue? (ha)

Marble + cold = shrinkage.

In proportion? Needs a kilt to keep judi awake.

We need to get that statue a blue shirt.

I've got $900 to whoever plugs in the fountain.

Nursecindy, it was, after all, a "rhetorical" question, not an accusation or comparison.

In the meantime, I'm taking out GEICO Anti-Smacking insurance, so be forewarned. If I make a claim, they come after SMACKERS.

Love, folks? It's the right thing to do....

"Chiseled Pecker' WBAGNFARB.

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