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July 23, 2018


A group of biologists report that, in an experiment, lady beetles exposed to loud rock music ate fewer aphids than their counterparts who dined either in silence, or to the softer sounds of country crooners.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I'm not a "biologist" but, even though they had long hair, all of the Beatles were guys.

What about if they hang out at Rite Aid and listen to Manilow?

Paul is dead.

Lady Beatles? Like Linda, Yoko. Pattie and Barbara formed a band?

Don't mess with them, or Yoko performs a long melody!

Or in other words a bunch of boring 'scientists, with no sex life spend way too much time watching bugs get some.

So, what are they saying: to lose weight, I need to listen to death metal during meal times?

And the cicadas believe they are a metal band...or at least the Beasties.

The Beatles were ladies and ate aphids! What the hey...?

Lady Beatles?

I thought they were called the Honey Bees


But what about the RBR's? We need to know what happens when you combine entomology and etymology.

@wanderer2575: In 7 to 35 days (yes, I looked it up), they would face a drastic population explosion.

A female beetle typically produces 100 eggs.

Looks Like We Made It indeed.

The researchers report beetles who were serenaded by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings ate just as many aphids as those who dined in silence.

So listening to Willie Nelson gave them the munchies?

Party-poop here: Poking fun at such experiments is entertaining, but you need to rethink the implications. Getting funding for experiments is very, very, very difficult. You just have to accept that as a fact, and so there must be some deeper question being tested. You would have to have a background in the field to have a clue. In this day of anti-science, when obvious scientific facts are being denied, poking fun at such experiments is unwise.

@Robert Hall: Relax, guy. In this day of "alternative facts" and the like, I understand and agree with your points. But this is the place where we come to take a break away from all that. And sometimes that means poking fun at the very topics that otherwise seriously concern us.

@Robert - I agree. In fact I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear if my grant was approved. I'm proposing two walls to keep people from falling off the ends of the flat Earth. I talked to a nut who said I could make Mexico pay for them, but that hasn't worked out, so this grant is crucial.

Also @ Robert. While we do make fun at some of these studies it also makes us aware that scientists are studying things we would not normally know about. So, if you look at it that way Dave is actually performing a public service and should be compensated for his humanitariazizim good works.

Robert. I can see your point. Having an advanced degree in history I am constantly annoyed by charlatans who misuse history to advance their political/social/racial /economic agendas. "Alternate facts" not confined to the sciences.
That being said, Dave Barry and his blog posts are a healthy antidote to taking reality too seriously.

I propose a grant to study @Robert. "Do scientists have a sense of humor while reading Dave Barry's Blog ?"

Publish or perish

1. Academics require tenure
2. Tenure requires original research
3. All the good research topics have already been studied
Conclusion. Academics require wacky research

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