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July 27, 2018


Mom charged after choking player at girls basketball game

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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A Catholic school game? Mom is going to Hell for sure.

Her daughter must be proud.

The late, great comedian Alan King had it right: Parents getting that involved in the game should start their own league and leave the kids alone.

I'd have to check, but I'm pretty sure that's against the rules.
Unless the mom checked in at the scorer's table, in which case... Yeah, I just checked.
Still against the rules.

There must have been some junior high scouts in the stands.

We had police with full body armor and assault rifles at several of our soccer and baseball games and tournaments.

I called for police backup as a game steward twice, once for the parents at a U8 game.

Choking aside, it had to be fun watching a sixth grade girls basketball game despite the fact not a single basket or free throw was made. And thanks to all for retrieving the ball after every shot that was made.

The Aristocrats!

Except for that, it was a great game.

C'mon! You cannot be serious!?!?

It's a 6th grade basketball game!

Clearly she had no other choice.

Wait... How come people use the term Mom like all moms are precious? Oh and Gandma. Too.

"And thanks to all for retrieving the ball after every shot that was TAKEN."


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