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June 25, 2018


'Land of chlamydia': provocative ad welcomes tourists to Norway

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger, Le Petomane, Michael Parry and Ranald Adams)


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Is Miami going to sue them for stealing its slogan?

Somehow, lutefisk is involved.

I guess my resting parrot and I won't be pining for the fjords anymore.

Maybe he's really dead, Cindy.

Does Norway put "Land of Chlamydia" on their license plates?

N.C.--You owe us a parrot update next week. If it is still 'resting' you may need to return it to the pet store for a refund.

I saw Chlamydia open for Styx.

At least they used a tasteful picture of the fjords, instead of Chlamydia The Tattooed Lady.

Chlamydia is a beautiful girls name.

Didn't Genesis or Phil Collins have a scary song about
"Land of Chlamydia"?

It was a stinging indictment of something...

Le Petomane, I knew you would get the Monty Python reference.

The Ignoble Piece Prize.

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