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June 25, 2018


Video shows woman walking away after car goes airborne, crashes

(Thanks to Duane Carrell, who says "a Florida driver's AND pilot's license is on the way," and manual tomato, who says "Her cell phone, with a partially typed message, was found in neighboring Florida.")


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And she ended up in perfect position to fill up her tank!

She couldn't do that again in a million years.

The judges gave her a 9.3 for a slight over-rotation before she stuck the landing.
But overall, a great routine and she advances to the final round.

Shelby Lynne May .. or she may not.

That's unparalleled parking...

Allen- That was my first thought, too. Didn't have to wait in line or nothin'!

Not a Michael Bay production.

I suppose, like many of us, she had just had it waiting for her "flying car", so she took it into her hands,
airborne, and....

Allen & Robbin, the joke's on her the gas cap is on the other side.

"Officer, I was just driving along when all of a sudden this big kangaroo hopped right out in front of me. Of course I swerved to miss it, kangaroos are a protected species in Mississippi."

PG- you are right- I didn't look close enough. Although, it may be one among the seemingly numerous pieces that tore off as she came in to land.

If there ever was a time to say “It was like that when I got here,” it was then.

fractalist... As captain America would say, “I understood that reference.” Love that gif. Ohhhh... poor Michael Bay, you would think he could improvise as a producer at CES of all places!!! and lucky for her she was not part of any of that. I tip my hat to you...

She "worked for the food industry"?

"Would you like flies with that?"

Them Dukes! Them Dukes!

Wasn't she in THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS ? If not she should be.

I saw anothe one a couple of months ago where a woman gets a car airborne and it crashes into a house, then she comes walking out of the house.

Maybe women are actually secret agents and we are just now figuring it out?

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