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June 14, 2018


Kicked-over bottle of urine at Bloomingdale mall touched off incident that led to 2 people being shot

(Thanks to Steve Heller)


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He wanted to continue trying on clothes and was angry at being escorted out, so he fired a shot?

How does this moron NOT live in Florida.

Checklist for a felon:
1) Find an affordable, but swank outfit for next party.
2) Get a 64-oz slushie to drink.
3) Bring a loaded gun to the store.
4) Do not visit restroom.
5) Pick out large number of items to try on.
6) Head to dressing room and proceed to admire yourself in various raiment.

What could possibly to wrong?

This guy could be this year's poster boy for Not Thinking Through the Consequences of Your Actions, start to finish.

Convicted felon, walking around with an illegal gun, goes shopping, pees in a bottle in the dressing room, doesn't watch where he puts the urine - or his feet, shoots the guard.

Now he can try on nice jumpsuits.

If you get enough of these stories, civilization is over. At least we can laugh when that happens.

What a grouch. Anger management? He'll do great in prison, perfect attitude. The guards are going to love him I bet.

If you really want to see violent behavior in a dressing room, go to one at the beginning of summer when ladies start trying on bathing suits. For your own safety stay at least 50 ft. away.

Why didn't just do like everyone else and piss in the potted plants at the food court?

Why didn't HE
I can't keep blaming my spell checker.

He apparently doesn't belong to the Kickapoo tribe...

Dude, urine prison!

In my years working in mental hospitals I couldn't count the times I heard excuses like the metaphor: "He was dropped on his head when he was a baby."
The thing is, no one can go back and NOT get dropped on their head. For every person who blames the "system" there are hundreds of others who overcome tremendous odds and difficulties and go on to be responsible, productive citizens.
This dude is a career loser.
But I DO feel better after a nice rant.

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