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June 27, 2018


Space is full of dirty, toxic grease, scientists reveal

(Thanks to Ranald Adams)


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Maybe it is really nice and scientists just want to keep the good tables for themselves

Is this the touring version of the Broadway show?
Wait until it's on two-fers...

Now we know where Taco Bell has been dumping it's used cooking oil.

[or as a gaseous version of naphthalene, the main chemical component of mothballs.]

Well, on the bright side you can store your wool sweaters there.

Cleanup on Uranus, aisle 4.

It's a Trump restaurant at Mar-a-lago?

That's probably what fills the holes that fill the Albert Hall.

Scientists are full of ...space.

Like the emptiness with "no one home."

And of course, there's Dr. Smith, a
deviant scientist.

In addition to being addictive, we now know the secret ingredient in Milky Way candy bars.

* snickers * at Slim Chance...

If Mr. Language-Person were around, he would point out the consistency of "space" being "full" of something.

When The Muppet Show said "Pigs in Space," they weren't kidding.

Specifically, "greasy, grimy, gopher guts."

I think it was Carl Sagan on an Old "60 Minutes" interview where he astounded Mike Wallace by noting that space was not actually "empty" but full of atoms and molecules dancing at various speeds.

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