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June 20, 2018


Woman gulps down her dog's urine claiming it cleared up her acne - and has given her a 'glow'

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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As long as we don't live in the same time zone and I don't have to see her photo anymore, I'm fine with it.

Piss-pour beauty tip.

Not to mention she's the most popular "B****" in the kennel!

That glow on her face is caused by the burning in her throat.

A Milkbone will take care of the smell.

Didn't we cover this already, or am I just having déjà vu? Either way, Judi should be fired.

Suzie: Similar story line, though just another nut job. It really seems like fake news to me... about someone who apparently isn't getting enough attention.

Noxema does the same thing and it's not icky.

Is it just me, but aren't people getting pissier?

@nursecindy - we have never met, but I have always imagined you as combining the beauty of Marilyn Monroe, the compassion of Florence Nightingale and the flying skills of Mary Poppins. Dog pee would be completely wasted on you.

Snowman, you made me blush! You are now my favorite blogit.

So Bud Light clears acne!

@nursecindy - Good. But warn me if you decide to go with the dog pee - I might have to re-think.

Clears acne AND is a mouthwash:


AND is an inexpensive birth control method.

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