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June 21, 2018


Parents are fed up with kids' summer vacation after just 13 days, study finds

(Thanks to Jonh Lobert)


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I don't have kids, but I'm guessing this is about 12.75 days more than I could take. Which is a big part of the reason I don't have kids.

PSG=Parental Summer Guilt?
When I was a kid our mothers kicked us out the door and we all played until it was time to come home and eat. When we really got too much to take they sent us off to camp which I hated. Evenings were spent with the moms putting Mercurochrome on our mosquito bites. I spent most of the summer with polka dot legs because mosquitoes loved me. There was no planning.
Now get off my lawn!


So agree


AND schools would be so much better if it weren't for the kids.

My son already has his days and nights mixed up. Just like when I was a kid, only I didn't have video games or the internet. What the heck was I doing? I guess when you sleep until after noon you get there eventually.

With that kind of pampering let's see how they like it when their kids are 30, living in the basement, and it's summer vacation all year long.

Summer vacation:


Some assembly imagination required.

My parents cured me of being a pain early on. The first time I caused too many problems they sent me to two weeks of Baptist Vacation Bible School Camp. After that I mowed lawns, helped neighbors,worked in the garden, all without a single complaint.
Army Boot Camp was a snap after that experience.

Same list except I was way out in the country. The only library was a long car ride that my tired mom was reluctant to make. So I settled for: SUMMER WEEKLY READER! Still no flying car.

Breaking: Study finds kids fed up with parents after 13 seconds.

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