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June 13, 2018


Woman Rescued After Getting Head Stuck In Truck’s Exhaust Pipe

"It is not clear why...."

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins, Mitch Seibert, coscolo and Matt Filar)


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No glass ceiling for stupidity, it would seem. One for equality!

"Ooh, shocking that alcohol may have been involved."
True enough.

I would wager that after having a large power saw in close proximity to her head .. with the metal pipe amplifying the noise and vibration .. and maybe a guy yelling, "OH NO!" .. hopefully she's learned her lesson.

The exhaust pipe ? Was she trying to do a blow job ? What....What I'd say..????

They should have just started it up.

She was at a music festival but that is not the way you play an exhaust pipe.

Incidents like this one just don't make news in Flathead County.

"Ma'am, hiding your head and pretending no one can see you doesn't work for ostriches either."

An exhausting experience.

They told her there was a Tide Pod up there.

There's a joke here about getting a little head, but decorum prevents me from going there. (Yeah, I know; "THAT'S a first!")

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