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June 17, 2018


Brooklynites question artist’s ‘giant turd’ in middle of park

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I think it's time for our own Brooklynite, Jeff Meyerson, to grab a shovel and take a walk around the neighborhood. A couple of good whacks should return this "art" back to the medium from whence it originated.

Brooklyn--'soiled' again?

I second nursecindy's nomination. Or get that Kansas kid to destroy it.

Hey. I got your art right here, Cindy. I would have bet big money that it was an "above the line" hipster-friendly area like Williamsburg or Greenpoint. That kind of sh!t doesn't go down in Bay Ridge.

That one's gotta be worth more than $ 132,000.

Here in Geezer Acres, New Mexico, something like that would get mixed reviews.

A--Those who want to hunt for whatever laid it.
B--Some people who will worry it might hatch.
C--A few would try to decide how many omelettes they could make if they cracked it.
D--Most would just worry whatever left it there will come back.

De-composition theory says this thing is worth about $1.98, and that's before they put it on sale.

Some "art" is anything but. I once went to the Museum of Modern Art in DC, and saw crumpled pieces of foil in a corner. I thought it was a trash heap. Turns out it was a "priceless" piece of "performance art". Yeah, right!

“Or like a ball of dung that a dung beetle has collected...."

Dung Beetles bring their collections to their burrows. They don't leave them out in the open. Especially in Brooklyn.

We're gonna need a bigger punch bowl.

What I got out of this story: Diana's a cougar. Rock on, Tom and Diana.

Looks like a model of what Indiana Jones was running from.

It's a sample ballot for 2020.

It has long been standard architectural practice to put such a piece in the plaza in the front of a new building. It is referred to as “the bolus in the park”.

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