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June 14, 2018


Florida man arrested after asking cops to test his illegal drugs

(Thanks to Jane Linderman)

Related: Kentucky drug dealer mixes up his own number with cop's in a Snapchat message

(Thanks to Gary Schroeder)

Also Sort Of Related: A woman, who works as a stripper, told an officer that she hides pills in her vagina, according to the Palm Bay Police Department.

(Thanks to John Mayson)


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So, wait. He called the cops to test the meth he bought to make sure the guy sold him the right drugs?

Florida Man wins again!

If you can't trust the cops to protect your interests, who can you trust?

Good news - the drugs passed...

This is your brain on drugs.

Was that mugshot taken at the barber shop?

Head_Smashed_In, I was wondering the same thing.
As for the woman with the drugs in her hoo-ha..
I worked part time at our county jail and was always surprised by the things people hid up there. They were like human pinatas. Guns, knives, pills, cellphones, etc. It was really amazing.

Nursecindy, then why do women need purses ? Just wanna know ....

Hoo-Ha Woman has a pocket on her g-string for loose change. It kept falling out.

that's a bitter pill to swallow.

So what did you do when she said, “I have some stuff in my Pu**y,”?

I immediately called for backup then locate looked for the clear, one quart resealable bag my ham and cheese sandwich was packed in.

If there was one thing I hated to hear most when I was dating it was, “I have some stuff in my Pu**y.”

LeDud, we buy purses to match our shoes. Duh!

I thought it was spelled, P**tie.

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