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June 12, 2018


Shoplifting squirrel caught on camera stealing from store in Disney World's Magic Kingdom

(Thanks to Jon Harris, Dave Kearns, Nelson from Michigan and John Mayson)


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This squirrel was just an diversion while its partners in crime were attacking the local power substation.

Awwww! Who's a little cutie wootie?
I mean, filthy rodent.

They need Donald Duck. He has years of rodent fighting experience.

Some woodland creatures are jerks.

I like that NC. On the other hand... Have they become so bold that they are no longer even afraid of the Disney Police?

"OK, Mike, that squirrel was shoplifting on Disney property. Take him to the back room and have Taz explain to the dirty bushy tailed rat the error of his ways."

Shoplifting Squirrel opened for Sexiest Cow.

what would you expect at a theme park run by a rodent?

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