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June 21, 2018


The Fascinating Reason Why There Are No Mosquitoes at Disney World

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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Someone is bound to find a dead mosquito in their Mickey-pop and sue. Perhaps they can recover their loss for admission they paid for a family of four.

Paging Mr. Lethal Chemicals Man.

Didn't Sentinel Chickens open for Cher in the late 1960s?

Actually, it's Darwinism at it's finest. How can any mosquito compare with he bite that Disney put's on you?

Fascinating? That reporter's life must be even more boring than mine.

After standing in line for an hour for a 2 minute ride in 90 degree weather, all the while having melting ice cream dripping on me from a squalling child, and listening to my wife complain about having to come here in the first place, how would I even notice a mosquito?

If I had a choice between malaria and your experience, Ill take malaria

After paying for admission, no one has any blood left.

And they got rid of the mosquito cannon years ago.

And all this time I thought it was the Chem-Trails...

When you eat that turkey drumstick that's not just turkey grease dripping down your arm.

Disney's original plan was to breed mosquitoes in the park swamps, then charge high prices for mosquito repellent and calamine lotion. Management decided this was a bad idea and doubled the prices on everything else instead.

Probably because of the 5 million rabid bats that fly out of Cinderella's castle at night and eat them.

It's likely due to the incessant playing of It's a Small World.

They have trouble breeding there — it's hard for them to find each other because their incessant whine is covered up by the incessant whine produced by some of the customers.

Have you seen the pockets on mosquito flight suits?
No way they could bring enough money for legal admittance!

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