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June 27, 2018


Video shows man punching an SUV in apparent road rage incident in Hialeah


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I bet that SUV will think twice before it cuts anyone off again. Shortly after this video was taken the man went to the ER to get his broken hand reset and put in a cast. At least that's what my ex did after he got mad and punched our car's steering wheel one day after a car cut him off.

Violence never solves anything. Explosives, on the other hand....

...are darn dangerous and may be illegal!

Years ago a man working at a mine got so mad at his pickup cutting out, one morning when it quit he coasted to the side of the private mine road that was miles from any buildings, took a rifle from the back window rack and "executed" his truck. He caught a ride to work from a friend. For a few days after that he would stop and shoot a few more holes in that pickup. Then the manager made him tow it off. That was an early case of road rage that was funny.

"Road rage is not uncommon on South Florida roadways."

So designated in 2003, road rage is officially Florida's state hobby.

.. a video showing a man taking a bat to a car with an SUV also went viral.

'taking a bat .. to a car .. with an SUV' .. uhh .. so someone's car had an SUV?

I worked with a computer genius type who used to establish dominance over a PC by blowing cigarette smoke into the cooling fan. Seemed to work.

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