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June 17, 2018


Kansas parents may be stuck with $132,000 bill after kid knocks over sculpture

(Thanks to Jane Linderman)


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Goodman said the sculpture should have had more protection and markings around it due to its expensive price tag.... "There wasn’t even a sign around it that said, ‘Do not touch.’”

Just like there aren't signs every five feet on the sidewalk, telling you to not step in front of that oncoming car. Pretty evident where this kid got his moron genes.

Oh, and hey, lady: Just because it's an accident doesn't mean you or your kid isn't responsible for it.

Wanderer saved me the trouble of copying the part about how there isn't any protection around the sculpture.
Dear Idiot Parents, Museums and other public places assume you will keep an eye on your small child. I know, it's crazy, but there you go! I had three children, a year apart, and I could take them anywhere without any disasters ever happening.
They're lucky their child didn't get badly hurt.

So grounded

Glue it back together and charge $ 200,000 for it.

So not the kid's fault! Hope he grows up to be an art critic, as he already knows what he likes.

Give the kid a break.
Give the kid another break

My oldest broke a windshield at a baseball game. Good thing I didn’t go too crazy about it. He paid for lunch today.


We're... out...of glue.

A community center is not a museum or an art gallery. If some random assemblage is placed in such a venue without any barriers, warning signs, or other security measures, I can see how members of the public would have no reason to think that said assemblage is of any particular value or deserving of any cautious reverence.

"OK, kids, you go ahead and run wild. Mommy will be in the corner texting, so don't bother me unless there is a BIG emergency."

$132,000 is a pretty useless insurance deductible.

As the parent of an ADD/ODD child, I can see both sides. (Disclaimer: I don't know if their son is either.) For such kids, they learn by experience. I'm sorry that he's having nightmares, but he has learned his lesson. As a parent, you really hurt as you watch your kiddo have to learn by painful experience rather than listening to and obeying instruction. All we could do is point to our other kids (who do not have ODD) and say, "Look, the others are all right .. it's not bad parenting. It's the way he's wired." Having lived through it, I empathize with anyone else who has to. There is a lot of judgment for many years.

I hope the parents can work something out with insurance and with the community center.

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