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June 25, 2018


Pet rabbit celebrates Japan’s World Cup victory by humping Pokémon’s Charmander

(Thanks to Ralph)

Alex Bregman Shaves Mustache in the Middle of Royals vs. Astros

(Thanks to Steve K.)


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Bregman was just making a reply to a Dave Barry column: " ... baseball appears to be a group of large, unshaven men standing around in their pajamas and frowning, as if thinking: 'My arms are so big that I can no longer groom myself!' "

That's poking, man

At least Alex Bregman did not shave his stache in a swimming pool. #class

Actually MOTW, he shaved his legs in the dugout during the seventh inning stretch.

The answer to those, and most stupid questions, is no.

As for the shaving, just another way to make the game last TOO LONG!

If Roger Rabbit had celebrated Japan's World Cup victory, the headline would have been more of a grabber.

One of the few times when a sports commentator can say "looks like Alex had a close shave" and it has NOTHING to do with the results of the game.

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