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June 12, 2018


A newly-convicted murderer in Florida repeatedly punched his defense attorney after a judge handed down his verdict last Friday.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Needs a little added background music.

That guy should have realized that starting a fight in court could get him in big trouble...oh,...never mind.

..earning him a full pardon for all past and future crimes.

Florida Man!

So, I'm guessing his lawyer didn't do too well on Yelp?

Next episode of Lawyer and Disorder.

That's gonna count against him at sentencing phase

That sign # is called pound, right?. So how do you say that trending #MeToo?

Fools... Don't they know they are only making it worse:

Are the handcuffs in that picture made out of paper clips? Mine look a lot stronger than that.

at least he didn't throw the book at him.

>snork!< @ Jeff M

The kinky side of nursecindy comes out....

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