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June 12, 2018


The sexiest cow in Britain has been revealed after a gruelling judging process.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Isn't "sexiest cow" like saying "happiest turd"?

That article didn't have a picture of the winner! Blatant favouritism on behalf of Bonnie.
Here is the real winner:

ImNotDave: Except that not as many people are into happy turds.

Well, hello there big boy! Come here often?
David H's link. You owe me $5.00 for that.

The bovine bikini contest. Not something I want to see.


nursecindy: That's magic! How did you do that link thing?
Does it require opposable thumbs?

*SMACKS* David H. Now you owe me $20.00.

Hey sexy! Mooove your body!


The closest I've come to being aroused by a cow is when a Hooters waitress brings me a Big Hootie hamburger.

Any time a cow starts looking sexy, it's time for a long vacation. And possibly some good meds.

So true Le Petomane. I've decided it's time for a few days either at Myrtle Beach, SC or the Outer Banks here in N.C.

A while ago there was a story about a guy, uh, interacting with a cow. Now do you understand how that.could happen?

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