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June 19, 2018


The strange case against Christian Desgroux unfolded after authorities say he unexpectedly had a charter helicopter pilot land on a soccer field last November at the sprawling corporate campus of SAS Institute in Cary. Wearing a military battle uniform, Desgroux told a security officer who confronted him that he was there to pick up a female employee to take her to Fort Bragg for a classified briefing authorized by President Donald Trump, according to federal agents.

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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Who says romance is dead?!?

I'm pretty gullible but even I wouldn't believe this.

Ya gotta luv his pinache.

It's not clear exactly what the report says, but his attorney wrote in a court filing last Thursday that his client won't object to the conclusion that he was legally sane at the time.

Maybe he should borrow a 'Clinton strategy' and ask them to "define sane."

Any plot requiring a linkee that long to explain can't possibly go wrong.

I guess if your goal is to impress someone, he clearly succeeded.

Wanderer2575 is right about the headline wording. How about, "Nutcase rents helicopter to impress lady; gets arrested for impersonating General."


So what is his Plan B?

@Slim Chance--A plan B?

@Nutcase - The man went to great lengths to get this girl. Despite his elaborate staging, the plan failed. I've a hunch that he's likely to not give up because Plan A failed. Hence, I'm curious to know what his Plan B will be.

Slim Chance: He may have sold himself short with the Generalissimo pitch. I think he should have gone with the full Kim Jung-un dictator-for-life angle. If you're going to end up waist-high in kimchi, why not go for broke?

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