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June 24, 2018


Dinosaurs couldn't stick out their tongues, researchers say

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Flawed study. Didn't Hugh Heffner stick out his tongue a lot.

"Previous research by Clarke showed large dinosaurs likely made either booming bellows or cooing sounds similar to the noises made by ostriches." Agian, much like Hugh.

Nobel Prize coming his way. Or a valid Florida drivers licence.

Poor dinosaurs. They also had little short arms that made it difficult to flip people off. No wonder they're no longer with us.

I'll remember this. Sounds like a possible future Jeopardy question.

I'll take dinosaurs for $800, Alex, and skip the accent.

Dinosaurs couldn't stick out their tongues or flip people off with their little hands. I can only assume their farts were powerful enough to get their message across.

A followup study revealed mainly because raw, uncooked tongue is a delicacy in China.

Article at bottom of this report
"Related UPI Stories
Ancient fossil fills a 75 million-year gap, rewrites lizard history"
Has nothing to do with Manilow.

Dinosaurs didn't need to stick out their tongues.
They taunted others by crushing them.
And then eating them.

@ Slim Chance--I think you are more correct than my first assessment. Farting in the general direction of a charging dinosaur might only have worked with French dinosaurs.

If they couldn't stick out their tongues, that means there weren't any of those nasty playground problems.

They could, however, stick their thumbs in their ears, waggle their fingers, and say "neener neener."

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