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June 26, 2018


We don't think so.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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"Since when has Men’s Fashion Week in Paris been a glamorous, hipper-than-hip event?"

One couldn't say, I'm sure.

I thought fashion designers just hated women. Now I see they hate everyone!

I'm nailing the men's fashion closet door closed now, someone hand me a two-by-four.

Just a brief note of advice to guys dressed like that: STAY OUT OF TEXAS!

What Cindy said.

Does the hat on the guy in the middle get WiFi?

Thank you link preview thingy.

And since when have the outfits been hotter and pinker than those designed for this city’s legendary Folies Bergère cabaret show?

I misread the word "pinker" as the word "pukier".

The professor looking for penis photos could correlate low self-esteem with these models' willingness to parade themselves in this way.

Ralph, it must get something. Looks like he has tuner dials on his chest.

Really? Those are guys?

How can that be "Men's Fashion"? I didn't see any flannel or anything made by Carhartt!

And here's Kevin sporting an elegant chemise of neutral camouflage tones and topped with a sleeveless hunting vest of festive orange. He's steeping out in practical and stylish steel-toes boots that kick as$ with ease, whether in boardroom, barroom, or boudoir. Fabulous, Kevin!

They all look miserable. They're probably hungry, too.

Last time I followed any fashion it was in the 70's and I bought bell bottom jeans. I'm still ashamed of myself.

Men wearing corsets is not a new thing. Napoleon Bonaparte (French) was known to wear one. Hoever, corsets as outerwear is just weird.

Snork @ Skeeter

Ride 'em cowboy. Don't let 'em throw ya down. You can't make no money if you hit the ground.

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