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June 13, 2018


Colorado school nurses can dispense marijuana.

(Thanks to Kevin Smith, who says "I have a headache, dude.")


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Higher education ? meh.

They're going to need more nurses.

THAT Kevin Smith???

Not only has attendence skyrocketed since this law was passed but a lot of kids are begging to go to summer school too.
I was sitting next to an annoying seven year old girl at a graduation ceremony the other night. She was bragging about how she was out of school for the summer. I leaned over and told her there were only 12 more Mondays until school started back. That shut her up.

How much do I have to swear at my teachers before they give me pot?

nursecindy, I think I love you!

So Quintin's asking to go the nurse's office for the eighth time this week? Hmmm...

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