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June 19, 2018


Ranger Hoping to Get Selfie with Captured 35-Foot Python Gets Choked by Snake Instead

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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A ranger reeeally should know better.

Meh. The Indian rock python rarely exceeds 10ft, the largest ever captured was 15ft. King cobras can reach over 15 ft. Was kind of rooting for the snake.

I'm with Marc, That snake was NOT 35 ft. I don't think the world record for a snake is over 32 ft. Is this "Fake" news or a metric/feet conversion error ?

Missouri had a governor that got in trouble for "selfies". Learn, people, learn!

I don't care if it's only 3 feet long. It's a snake! Kill it, kill it, kill it.

@ NC - Ever consider that when a snake looks at us it's
thinking the same thing?
I'm just asking for a friend.

@ IMD--In Australia nearly ALL snakes not only think that, but they can make it happen.

All snakes look bigger when they're choking the life out of you.

That's what happens when you go cheap on a neck tie.

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