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June 27, 2018


Rite-Aid blasts Barry Manilow to shoo loiterers

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko, Steve K. and Bill Hudgins)


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Beacuse Nickleback would be cruel and unusual...

"I write the songs that make the riffraff cry...."

Rite-Aid is likely breaking rules set out in the Geneva Convention. But what of the poor neighbors---Oh, the humanity!

UPDATE: San Diego Rite-Aid closing due to lack of ANY business.

I once walked around a store where Indagadavita played the entire time! I thought the little baby clerk was going to slash his wrists. He had no idead what was going on!

After the 13th time of "looks like we made it"...This is how serial killers are made.

Best attack strategy is the combined forces of
Manilow audio with Richard Simmons video.

A little Barry Manilow music played at the local city hall wouldn't hurt.

When will I see you again? [go away]

If they changed to Wayne Newton, would more people say Thank You in German?

♫ Oh Mandy, well you came and you stayed without paying, so I sent you away, oh Mandy.. ♫

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