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June 18, 2018


Guess Which Place Is The Psychopath Capital of The US, According to Science

Although we can't really argue about No. 1.

(Thanks to John Criswell, Mark Schlesinger. ptucker and Dad-O-Lot)


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You can't argue with science!

Bu then, Wyoming is tied with New York for #4? Doesn't Wyoming only have about 23 residents? There are more psychopaths on my block.

Send those psychopaths to Wa.. Oh. Never mind.

Yeah, but they're our psychopaths.

Which Psycho-paths do you follow?

Which did you vote for?

And which will turn on you?

Inquiring minds want to know.

These numbers would surely change if we disbanded Congress.

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised. It seems that we're becoming a nation of sociopaths who regularly elect psychopaths to various high offices.

Very credible.

Neuroses are when you build dream castles.
Psychoses are when you move into the castle and a Shrink charges you rent.

Civil servants and lawyers are more likely to be psychopaths. The District has more than their share of both.

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